During the service there are five groups for children, Shine (age 1 – 2), Glow (age 3 – 5), School years 1 & 2, School years 3 & 4 and School years 5 & 6. The children join us is in the main service at 10:30am and go out to their groups after about 20 minutes. All of our children’s work volunteers are well trained and have had all the appropriate safety checks. Visiting children are really welcome to come and join our groups.


Hope Kids

Registration to Hope Kids is open before the Sunday service gathering. Head over to the desk in the entrance when you arrive to register your child, you’ll be given a label for them and a collection ticket for you to keep., you’ll need to show this when you collect them after the service.
After registering your children you can all go into the auditorium for the start of the service (10:30) there will be a notice on screen to let you know when to take them to groups, usually around 20 minutes into the service. Once the groups have started we usually close registration by 11.15am as it can be disruptive to the group to allow more to keep joining through the morning. Please do aim to be there from the start of the service to ensure that your child can join the group.
Our Hope Kids classrooms are organised by age and year group: Shine (1-2 years old), Glow (3-5 years old), Years 1-4 and Years 5-6.
Because our Hope Kids groups are organised by age and year group, your children may not be able to be in the same room.
Children are in Shine until the September after they turn 3, then moved each September based on their school year.
Hope Kids curriculum has been written by the team at Hope Church and aims to explore how through God’s rescue plan, Jesus is revealed throughout the entire Bible.
Whilst children are welcome to stay with you during the Sunday gathering, we do suggest you encourage you child to participate in their age related group since this will be more accessible and age appropriate from them. There may be occasions where, due to the nature of the sermon, it would not be appropriate for your child to be in the main gathering.
Hope Kids is run by a team of dedicated and passionate children’s workers who are all well trained and go through DBS security checks.